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The Snout Art (SNART) project grew out of a desire to have fun and meaningful interactions with the pigs, Tiptoe, Oscar, JoJo, Hope, & Squeak, and to serve as an enrichment activity for them. Seeing the amazing artwork they were making, and because fans asked about purchasing them, we decided to sell the artwork to raise funds for the residents of Doolittle, as well as to help other sanctuaries in need. Thank you for your interest!

A note on materials: all artworks are mixed media. They may contain dirt, grass, straw, dried snot and saliva, hair, and feathers. The artists use vegan food coloring to create most of the art, except for the "Early Works" series (toward the bottom of the gallery) for which they used nontoxic, vegan paint.  Please contact us at if you have questions about materials used or the painting process.

A note on the snartists: The title, artist and size is indicated for each painting. For those paintings created by the pigs together, The Collective is noted.

Interested in seeing the SNART that has been sold, gifted, or auctioned? You can see all the snartists' snart at the.Snart Archives!

Doolittle Farm Sanctuary is a small, private sanctuary that provides a home for farm animals (pot-bellied pigs, goats, sheep, alpacas, llamas, horses and other animals) who have been abused, abandoned or neglected, and are in need of a forever home.

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